Masala Papad

When its a holiday, kiddo wakes up a bit extra early. If it was 6 AM yesterday, it was 5 AM today! Yesterday was a black day, no power through out. Luckily today, I was at least able to microwave the milk before the power started doing the ON/OFF dance.

Outside the house, there is a river flowing (no exaggeration there!). Water all over the road, covering the bumps and pits making it dangerous to drive. Still hubby prefers going to office than spending a day at home, he says its more relaxing there!

Holiday for schools, so my neighbor Mittu (6 year old girl) and my son playing and screaming and making enough noise to wake the dead!

Non stop rain and intermittent raging winds making normal day difficult. Reminding us that Nature has a big say in our lives, a lesson which we easily forget.

Rain outside and masala papad inside! There was no power when I started making these, but made these in a jiffy when power came in for a few minutes in between.


  • Papad                         :        1 no. per person, or 4 mini papads per person
  • Onion                          :        1 small, chopped
  • Tomato                      :         1/2  small, chopped
  • Coriander leaves   :         1 tbsp
  • Green Chili               :         1, seeded and chopped
  • Chaat Masala           :         1/2 tsp or per taste


  1. Microwave the papads till done (about 30 sec each for both sides)
  2. Combine the chopped onion, tomatoes, chilis, coriander leaves and add chat masala per taste. You can add lemon juice or salt, if you like.
  3. Add this salsa to the papad at the time of serving.

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17 responses to “Masala Papad

  1. yummy…my mouth’s watering at this time of the night Rajani…suddenly I want to munch on these:)) r the rains ?….hope things r better by now…my daughter told me it was a bad day for Chennai:(

  2. These are my favorite…Feel like grabbing one right off the screen

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  3. Papads look yummy .. swans look cute. My mom makes something similar with Pori.

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  4. Lovely papad. Like those swan holders as well. :)

  5. I love these masala papads..nice to know that power came back in time for you to complete this..

  6. vidhya

    Delicious masala papad. Great Ciicks.

  7. PJ

    We too had a ‘black out day’ yesterday and the current and rains are still playing spoil sport..Masala papad looks gorgeous….

  8. Looks so cute and tempting Rajani………………

  9. Seriously feel like having that gorgeous looking masala papad..

  10. awesome snack..Love those two birds..

  11. masala papads are truly inviting and l love those cute ducks.

  12. Delicious!!! Our Fav Starter in Restaurants!!!! Never tried them @ home, Bookmarking it!!!!Tempting clicks!!!!

  13. yummy ! and awesome clicks ! yes, heard frm MIL that Madras (oops, Chennai) had a few floating islands last week or so !! I sooooo love the mini versions..great idea Rajini and wonderful running the BM with you this month :-)
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  14. lovely presentation, want your swans

  15. Very colorful snack. Love your artsy presentation! Cute swans!

  16. Delicious looking masala papad. Love the presentation too.

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