Yogurt Parfait

Keeping Mum.

Keeping to the point.

Hubby says I yack a lot!

Proving I am not.

He says I start off with something and then deviate and end up with something totally different.

I don’t!

When I am discussing Yogurt Parfait, I stick to Yogurt Parfait. I don’t discuss other things.

So unfair of him to say that I don’t finish what I start!

And my brothers support him. Such betraying family!

And I don’t yack too much. Only twice as much as any other woman.

Women have a need to talk. But we don’t deviate from the point!

We always complete what we start, which was…. which was…which was…Er..

Well, Keeping MUM!


  • Yogurt                    :             1/2 cup
  • Granola                  :             2 tbsp
  • Grapes                    :             1/2 cup (or fruit of your choice)
  • honey                     :              2 tsp


  1. In a tall glass or a bowl, add a layer of thick yogurt.
  2. Add grapes and granola. Add another layer of yogurt.
  3. Keep repeating the layers and top it off with granola and grapes.
  4. Add a teaspoon of honey and serve immediately. (Else it becomes soggy, ask my husband!)
  5. You can use store bought thick yogurt (try flavored) or you can strain the homemade curd using a coffee filter. Water drains off and you get thick curd. I didn’t do it, so the yogurt covered the grapes layer.
  6. You can replace granola with wheat flakes or corn flakes and/or use any fruit of your choice.
  7. You can also check out Banana Peanut Butter Granola for another quick snack option with granola.

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20 responses to “Yogurt Parfait

  1. Yum, I can have it for my breakfast!

  2. LOL on your stand on keeping MUM..we don’t care what your folks have to say, pls do yack more..oops..talk more..:)

  3. Lovely parfait! Totally agree with Srivalli, please do yack more:)

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  4. suresh

    you are such a yak haa haa haa. fat cow

  5. Moms cant keep MUM :-) That’s the point : and you have my support there, and yes, we are MEANT to deviate topics, so thats ok !!
    Yummy parfait !

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  6. Yum, totally irresistible..

  7. Yacking is good for the soul Rajani. I feel women are so blessed in that department. Getting it off the chest. Lovely click.

  8. vidhya

    Yummy parfit, I also talk a lot by hubby says the same thing. But i love to talk.

  9. Please continue to yakc or talk, i do that most of the time and blogging is the perfect way to burst, look at this, i started with idea of giving u feedback for yr lovely dish and what am i upto till now…better Keep Mum :P and let me drool over the picture perfect parfeit

  10. Lovely looking Parfait…and about yacking….do continue:-)

  11. We Women try cover 2/3 topic while we yack, we start @ one, jump to another, finish first one and also the another!!!! U c its the Multi-tasking Capacity of a Women!!!!!
    came to comment on parfait, went onto something else!!!
    Parfait looks Delicious!!!!!Love those grape bulbs on top!!!!

  12. My favorite breakfast choice!

  13. PJ

    Men don’t understand women on this [and many other things as well].So let us be our usual selves and continue yacking :)..Parfait looks delicious and is definitely healthy..

  14. very good and healthy recipe for breakfast

  15. LOL.. I know women have a very strong urge to talk a little more than everybody else.. I’m with you on that :-)
    Yogurt parfait looks delicious and healthy.

  16. lol.. loved the write up

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