Coconut Boli

What we had here was an uneventful week followed by an eventful weekend.

The weekend started on a worrisome note with food poisoning of a friend, followed by our apartment motor breaking down. Imagine diarrhea combined with water shortage! The motor-water problem was solved by fixing a new motor and the stomach-vomit problem was soon attended by a doctor with good results.

My friend’s brother has graciously told me that I am always welcome to get myself food-poisoned while visiting them, so that they will also get a chance to take care of me :-))!

Talking about things going awry, this thenga poli comes under that.

What should have been a soft boli, turned out to be slightly tough because I was not liberal with oil and ghee. But thankfully it was very tasty. You can check out here for the original recipe.

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10 responses to “Coconut Boli

  1. yum yum. Interestingly I also made a sweet roti yesterday. Just writing up the post :-)

  2. Yum yum, inviting boli..would love to have some rite now..

  3. I can have poli any time Rajani..lovely pictures…and hope things are better now..though lol at your friend offering to take care of you..:)

  4. sushma

    Looks yum..nice polis

  5. looks yum ! hope all well now @ ur end, Rajni !

    Sizzling Tastebuds

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