B&W Photos – Vendors

Nongu (Palm tree’s fruit) being sold.

Herbal Coffee

Different varieties of fluffy rice and dals

Roadside tea stall

Small tea shop

An old woman selling snacks like peanuts and masala mango pieces.

Starting the day.

Couldn’t resist adding this. Toys!

Linked to Susan’s Black and White Wednesdays.


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9 responses to “B&W Photos – Vendors

  1. Memories from the streats of India. Awesome

  2. I wish I could taste some masala mango pieces. I enjoyed looking at your album: I like all the photos.

  3. So natural,down to earth.

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  5. Excellent photos, Rajani. I had a devil of a time choosing the four that I did.

    Thanks so much for joining BWW!

  6. “Arun” written on the cart! :D Was so excited to be able to read it!! :P Love the B&W effects!

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