Home made Chocolate

Flashback five years. Life was much simpler because the choices were limited.

Breakfast : Only cornflakes

Lunch  : Rice with Sambar and dry vegetable side dish

Dinner : Same as lunch

Fast forward to now. This morning,

Me to Hubby : ‘Idli, dosa or bread for break fast?’

Hubby : ‘Hmm…Idli….or Dosa…..or bread. Anything is fine’

Life is still fine even though the choices are more :).

Dedicating this chocolate to the bitter sweet, but thoroughly enjoyable moments of life.

I found this recipe in My Diverse Kitchen. All the ingredients were readily available. I doubled the  quantity and made these in a jiffy. The real trial was the waiting time. They tasted like dark chocolate to me and I loved them. Like Aparna says, try this with an open mind and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Note: Keep in mind that they taste are a bit like dark bitter chocolate. I love it though :)!


  • Drinking Chocolate                   :          4 tbsp
  • Powdered Sugar                         :          4 tbsp
  • Cocoa                                              :          2 tbsp
  • Milk Powder                                 :          2 tbsp
  • Lemon Juice                                :           1 tsp
  • Water                                              :           as required


  1. Sift the dry ingredients twice together to remove lumps.
  2. Add the lemon juice and mix thoroughly with a spoon or a fork.
  3. Add water in teaspoonfuls, and mix until you get a crumbly mix.
  4. Kneed with your hands to get a slightly stiff dough. The dough can be refrigerated at this point to be used later.
  5. Grease the chocolate molds with oil or butter and fill it with the chocolate dough.
  6. Let it dry overnight, don’t refrigerate. Take the chocolates off the molds the next day and let it dry for another 4-5 hours.
  7. Wrap and gift or eat and enjoy!
  8. The above quantity gave me six reasonably big chocolate pieces.

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29 responses to “Home made Chocolate

  1. PJ

    Sounds so easy!Bookmarked…

  2. ooh.. this is simply marvellous.. home made chocolates without butter or cream or eggs…I dont have the chocolate moulds though.. will have to think of something else to hold them…

    bookmarking this Rajni, and look forward to the entire BM this week..

  3. wow..this looks amazing and probably tastes way better than any storebought chocolate!

  4. Sounds and looks so delicious..and yes life was so simple before..but no complains as such now..:)…looking fwd to the chocolate treats!

  5. Yummy chocolates,prefect for chocoholic person like me.

  6. akamalikaa

    Looks yummy .. Simply irresistible .. bookmarked

  7. Wonderful chocolate. Bookmarked.

    Ongoing Event: MurariAnniversary-Giveaway-2012

  8. This seems so do-able and thanks to the shape of your moulds, these look like ‘proper’ chocolates in the market! Wonderful…

  9. wow!!..they look amazing..how abt a courier Rajani?….I assure u they will not melt on the way….only in my mouth:))love them lovely color..bookmarked!!

  10. luv this shape…Mostly all homemade chocolates wont be in this shape…Nice recipe..

  11. invite me for any meal…if like has fast forwarded to such good things…looks marvellous

  12. That is one easy recipe and those chocolate squares look exactly like the store bought ones. Nice recipe! Bookmarking the recipe

  13. Nalini

    Wow!!!amazing looks like store bought chocolates,bookmarked.

  14. never thought it would be so easy :)

  15. They look delicious..Thanks for posting it dear..


  16. Awesome recipe. Tempting Chocolate. Lovely pics too.

  17. they look fantastic!…perfect for gifting too!

  18. I agree with the choices part. it is so difficult to plan a menu. Nice to run the marathon with you. Homemade chocolate always sounds exotic :)

  19. Very beautiful cute chocolate bars !! loved them !! Thanks for linking to the event !!

  20. So easy and Iam drooling here

  21. Always loved your write up. I am waiting to be your nighbour for this!!!!!

  22. What a lovely idea to make your own chocolate! The possibilities are endless!

  23. Lovely!!1 home-made chocolates, that too without any fancy ingredients, a must try!!

  24. Annie

    Lovely site!!

  25. WOWIE! I loved it.. I am definitely gonna try this after exams! :D Thanks so much for linking this dish to Kid’s Delight – Something Sweet. :) Would love to have more entries from you! :D

    Kavi (Edible Entertainment

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