Tomato Pachadi

It was one of my friend’s Wedding Anniversary last week. I wished him on his big day. Ten minutes later his reply arrived.

Single liner which read : ‘Oh! Is it today?’

Ouch. Now I was concerned. He is not perfect, but he still deserves a better fate than being shredded into a thousand tiny-tiny pieces – which, I am sure, is what awaits any husband if they forget the wife’s birthday or the wedding anniversary.

Worried, I started mailing him – Was he fine? Was he still alive? Pat came the reply : ‘Its OK. We both forgot!’

Ah Man! What a lucky escape! But thinking over, that is what you call : A Match Made in Heaven.

Like this Pachadi and unbelievably soft Sweet Potato chapatis (will post the recipe tomm.), a match made in heaven, just for kids.

I am a big fan of sweet pachadi. I came across this recipe in Jeyashri’s Kitchen. The bright and shiny picture immediately caught my attention. This is typically served for weddings and feasts in very small quantities.


  • Tomatoes                      :              4, chopped
  • Sugar                               :              1/4 – 1/2 cup (taste and adjust)
  • Water                              :              1/4 cup
  • Ghee                                :              1 tbsp
  • Dates                               :              3- 4
  • Raisins & Cashews     :               1 tbsp


  1. Add the sugar, water and chopped tomato pieces in a thick bottomed vessel and keep mixing in a medium low fire.
  2. Keep stirring continuously till it reaches the semi solid jam/pachadi state (10 – 15 min for me).
  3. Heat ghee in a separate pan, add chopped dates, raisins and chopped cashews.
  4. Add to the pachadi, mix. Serve with rice or chapati.
  5. Note : I over cooked it a bit, if you look at the original recipe, it is much more glossy and shiny. Also, I would blanch the tomatoes next time.

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26 responses to “Tomato Pachadi

  1. nice addition of dates n raisins!….must taste yum with fresh bread!

  2. That’s very innovative one rajani..:) that bright red colour..

  3. Nice recipe! as Smitha said, nice spread for fresh bread

  4. Ooh..I love the bright red colour of pachadi..making me want to reach and grab the bowl.

  5. Kamalika

    lovely dish .. neat presentation with contrast colors …..

  6. look yummy n chatpatii….

  7. Wow what abright picture and recipe sounds yummmm.

  8. Slurp,mouthwatering here.

  9. awsum…love the color …raisins in the chutney..waiting for tom’s recipe.

  10. This is so easy and first time i am seeing. Bookmarked.

  11. dates and raisins, makes it very interesting

  12. love the addition of dates!

  13. Nalini

    Delicious chutney,love the addition of dates to it….

  14. vidhya

    loved the vibrant colour. sounds Yum

  15. I remember my mom used to make this but without the raisins though. Looks great

  16. Yummy sweet pachadi with tomatoes. Looks delicious.

  17. Never tried a sweet version chutney. Sounds yum.

  18. Love the addition of dried fruits. Looks like a nice accompaniment to rotis.

  19. Lovely pachadi/salsa! Would love to have this with corn chips. But wondering how the addition of raisins would taste like..

  20. Thanks for trying out and glad u liked it. u have a nice space

  21. yummmyyyyyyy ! willl try out asap :) nice combo… i make it without dates…

  22. Oh! When I saw pachadi, I thought it would be something salty! This is so new! Thanks so much for linking this dish to Kid’s Delight – Something Sweet. :) Would love to have more entries from you! :D

    Kavi (Edible Entertainment

  23. vaishu

    I was searching this recipe. My grandmom used to make it like a jam by cooking it long time with sugar syrup. It will be nice for many months

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