Easy Veg Sandwich

I have dieted two times in my life with success. But then, fatty & sugar loaded food and laziness to work out always prevails over good sense. So I have never been able to keep off the kilos I lost.

When I was dieting. There was no portion control, only restricted recipes. So I never used to feel hungry.  One of the tips, which I didn’t follow that much, was to use low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese instead of fatty sauces.

So this sandwich with yogurt instead of mayonnaise filling is my entry for Blogging Marathon 23, under the theme ‘Zero Oil Recipes’. Check out the other participants here in the Blogging Marathon page.

Makes : 2 sandwiches


  • Bread slices                  :         4
  • Yogurt                           :          4 tbsp
  • Carrot & Cabbage       :          1 tbsp each, grated
  • Tabasco sauce             :          a few drops (or pepper powder)
  • Salt
  • Tomatoes                     :          1, sliced


  1. Drain the yogurt in a tea strainer or coffee filter and leave it overnight in the fridge or at least 2-3 hours.
  2. Add the tabasco sauce, salt, grated carrot and cabbage to the drained yogurt.
  3. Spread this on one slice of bread. Add sliced vegetables on top and cover with another slice. Toast in a sanwich toaster or panini maker and serve with tomato ketch up.


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9 responses to “Easy Veg Sandwich

  1. Wow… Its my fav
    Very healthy and yumm

  2. Awesome lovely Grill sandwich… Its my fav
    Yum yum YUm

  3. thats a perfect breakfast for me like that filling…

  4. Just love this kind of easy breezy sandwich, one of my favourite filling.

  5. delicious….talk about dieting and consistency….wish they went together in my world…n btw…on the patti samosa…in maharashtra, patti samosa is always filled with poha and potato mixture, sweet and tangy…only the regular samosas have the spicy potato mixture

  6. what an interesting sandwich!

  7. Am yet to try out hung curd in sandwiches :) generally use that ingredient in healthy dips in place of cheese ! should try this ..

    Sizzling Tastebuds

  8. Gosh that seriously doesn’t look like it doesn’t have butter!..way to go..I love sandwich with hung curds

  9. Wish I have your persistence in dieting… :P :P This sandwich recipe is very tempting… :) :) :)

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