Arunachal Pradesh – Tibetian Thukpa


Looks like my talk about thalis(complete lunch platter) was a bit premature as I ended up struggling to find even one authentic dish from the next (in the alphabetical order) state, Arunachal Pradesh.

I did talk to my friend from the region, but he said, the natives eat locally available food – mainly non vegetarian, and their life style was totally different 20 years back when he left the place. Now a days, things have changed and the cuisine too has changed to accommodate what the rest of India eats (dal chawal), but 20 years back the barter system was still on. Cooking was mainly boiling of the items with local herbs. It would taste simple, yet divine and very light on stomach.

So I asked about the only dish that seem to be available online – thukpa. He said it’s Tibetian, but the monks there have it. Now, you get thukpa and momos a lot there. His description of thukpa was also simple. He said, boil the stock. Add the veggies and cook till done. Add cooked noodles and boil again. Flavour as you wish and you are done!

Since I couldn’t find any other recipe, I too decided to go the thukpa way for Arunachal Pradesh. thukpa-001

Recipe inspired from: Delhi Belle

Serves : 2


  • Butter/ghee/Oil           :               1 tsp
  • Ginger garlic paste      :              1 tsp (optional)
  • Onion                                :               1 small, diced
  • Chilli powder                 :               1/2 tsp or per taste
  • Mixed veggies               :               1.5 cups ( I used 1 small potato, 1/2 a yellow capsicum, 1 small tomato, beans and some spinach)
  • Soya sauce                     :                2 tsp, or per taste
  • Water/ stock                :                2 to 2.5 cups
  • Cooked noodles for two
  • Salt and pepper, per taste
  • a little lemon juice, optional


  1. Cook the noodles per the packet instructions and keep aside.
  2. In a pan, heat the butter or ghee or oil. Saute the diced onions and ginger garlic paste until onions are done.
  3. Add the water/stock and bring it to boil. Add the vegetables except the spinach, cover and cook until done.
  4. Add salt and pepper and soya sauce. Check the seasoning and adjust.
  5. Add the cooked noodles and cook for 2-3 minutes more and take off the heat.
  6. Add the lemon juice, if preferred and serve hot.

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24 responses to “Arunachal Pradesh – Tibetian Thukpa

  1. Yes Arunachal was hard!!! I also did Thupka.. so flavorful and hearty!!

  2. Yes it is true this soup is had in most part of northeast..But they are made by some tribes in arunachal too :) Soup looks fantastic rajani even if it single recipe this really looks very inviting :) very tempting noodle soup :) keep on rocking !!

  3. Very inviting pictures..Tough nut, Arunachal. I bet there will be loads of thupkas, Khapses and Momos from our friends :)

  4. Thats definitely my bowl of soup, very tempting and filling noodle soup, i think today is going to thupka and momos day.

  5. Same pinch Rajani. This was the easiest dish to pick from Arunachal Pradesh. Thali from this state would sure have been awesome though 😉

  6. That’s ok Rajani, expecting a thali from these NE would have been wishing for a moon..your soup bowl looks fantastic..very nicely made..

  7. looks delish :-)) and I love the green backdrop of the potted plant… ur photography arena must be filled with sunshine through the day :-))

  8. Beautifully captured Thukpa….Valli is right can’t expect a NE Thali:)) looks very delicious.

  9. Simply boiling of the veggies with the necessary spices gives them a hearty meal, so humble na!!! I loved reading about arunachal pradesh. Your bowl of thupka is very filling and colorful with all the veggies added!!

  10. Same pinch. I made Thukpa too. I liked Thukpa, it was nice and light unlike the cornflour loaded chinese restaurant fare. Your thukpa looks fab. Nice pictures

  11. Thumps looks so colorful and inviting ! Very well made…..

  12. nalini

    This is the only easy recipe for me to choose for Arunachal Pradesh,such a comforting soup..last click is amazing..

  13. Arunachal was tough but the soup looks awesome!

  14. our versions are slightly closer, though i love the way you have presented , but ofcourse :)

  15. it’s official..thupka day has been declared!!!

  16. very lovely presentation and it is interesting to see different variations of Thupka!

  17. PJ

    I too made this Rajani.Your version sounds nice too :)

  18. Such a comforting soup. Looks so inviting…

  19. Looks yum. I wish I could have some.and Arunchal Pradesh way hard in fact all NE was hard.

  20. Lovely pictures dear, I too tried this and it tasted yum..

  21. I always had this idea that other Asian countries ate whatever is alive. After reading about the NE Indian tribes, i had to rethink about Indian cuisine. :)
    Your version of thukpa looks good.

  22. When I saw thukpa, that’s what I thought.. No thali? You did make an authentic soup for the state though. Lovely picture and the background.

  23. Thupka is a real comfort food with mild flavours. Bookmarked

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