Gujarati Thali – Mini Gujarathi thali


When we are talking about Gujarat, the first thing that comes to my mind is our BM 25 meet. It was three days of absolute masti. Thanks to Vaishali, she saw to it that we were well settled, well taken care off and well fed!

So it’s only natural that when it came to Gujarat, I was browsing Vaishali’s space for recipes and ideas. Then I remembered this post from my friend (old room-mate) Roshni of Roshni’s Kitchen. She had actually put up a thali with Vaishali’s help. So I based mine on that one and modified it a little bit.

I wanted to make the chaas, the salad and the chutney as well like Roshni’s thali, but ….errrrr…forgot about it.


Going through Vaishali’s space, I came across this very different combination of beans, peas and cooked whole wheat discs(dhokli). I included that in the thali and it turned out to be a good decision.

The kid loved the atta (whole wheat) discs.


I had made a Gujarati thali before as well.  There Vaishali had mentioned that Gujarati kadhi doesn’t have turmeric in it. So this time I went right into her space and followed her instructions. In the same post of hers, she has the recipe for the potato curry as well. Scroll down for the recipe.


The menu:

  • Tindora Nu Shaak : Ivy gourd/kovakka/tindora cooked with minimal spices and served as a side dish to rice
  • Dingiri Batata Nu Shaak : Potatoes cooked with onions and tomatoes.
  • Fansi Dhokli : Beans, peas and whole wheat atta discs with some masalas create the magic here.
  • Gujarati Kadhi : The whitish yogurt based preparation. No turmeric is used in this recipe.
  • Gujarati Dal : Simple dal. Skipped the sugar to stick to the spicy version.
  • Rotli : Very thin, soft roti-like rolls. Maida (all purpose flour)  is used for rolling out the dough.
  • Rice : Plain rice, pairs well with all the curries
  • Ready made Choondo pickle and Garkari pickle




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26 responses to “Gujarati Thali – Mini Gujarathi thali

  1. Its going to be late nite and i cant resist to drool here over that place of this mini and droolworthy thali.. Wish i could make as much as thalis like u.

  2. oh my god such an irristible thali up there :) looks really fabulous and making very very hungry pass me the plate dear :) Mini thali looks fabulous :)

  3. which one should I choose? the entire plate is super tempting!!

  4. sizzlingtastebuds

    Creating magic with yet another thali.. Lovely meal!

  5. oh my beautiful thali.. looks super

  6. Thali is very tempting. Tindora is appetizing. nad fansi dhokla sounds interesting.

  7. What a gorgeous spread there…lovely !

  8. Nalini

    Gujarathi thali looks so tempting and delicious…very well captured,love the first click a lot…

  9. Gujarathi Thali looks awesome Rajani…

  10. The thali looks great, very well thought out and nicely done

  11. A filling spread, Rajani.

  12. So beautifully done Rajani..your thalis are so well plated and matching..very good job!

  13. mishti

    I would like to make a correction over here. The roti is made from wheat floor and not from maida…

    • Yes Mishti, the roti was made of atta. Maida is used for rolling it out.

      • Mishti

        okay.. You can use rice floor for rolling out roti… it would be easy, smooth and more nutritious.. its just a suggestion…

        One more thing, your blog is awesome and the recent posts on thalis is too good. And the way you do photography, no one can imagine the food can be looked so good and attractive. Keep it up. Thank you.

      • Thanks a ton Mishti :-). And thanks for the rice flour tip as well. Will try it out for sure :-).

  14. first photo is just awesome – didnt even know what everything was yet and I wanted the whole platter

  15. This platter looks amazing Rajani. Want to grab and finish the stuff.

  16. Was just reading Mistis comment Rajani. I roll out with atta only and MIL used rice flour. Your thalis are so very delicious. I am coming over so that you can feed me this and teach me to take pics.Just cannot get my eyes off the pics.

  17. I referred to your previous Gujarati thali to make mine for BM and here you are with an other one. Everything looks yumm!!

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  20. This is really a wonderful feast! The pictures are just too good…

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  22. Seems I have missed out on a couple of your posts…sorry about that…
    The Gujju thali is so well made, I had loved Roshini’s thali girls put in lot of effort ..but totally stunning!!

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