Maharashtra Puri Bhaji Thali


This was one of the earliest posts I did. The state of Maharashtra. This was one of the easiest one as well, since I blindly followed Pradnya’s post, combining it with her rural Maharashtra thali and changing a thing or two here and there.

In India, you are not a mom, if you can’t make pooris. And in my case, it’s not as a mom I have been failing, but as a wife. My son doesn’t like poori, but it’s the man’s favourite food.

And with this thali, the pooris came out brilliant for a change. So the man was indeed happy!


Pradnya had made a sweetish dal with the thali. I went for a different version, a simple non sweet basic dal.

Varan-bhath (rice with dal) is a meal combination all over India and this is just one version.


Masale bhath is a spicy flavoured rice. Coconuts, cashew nuts, gherkins all go into this dish. This, apparently, is a regular item in the wedding feast menu.

I found these two write ups about food from Maharashtra quite interesting, A Cook at heart and Food For Thought.


Meal Idea : The Pumpkin Farm

Read some sweet write ups about food @ A Cook at heart and Food For Thought

  • Puri                 :  Deep fried whole wheat bread
  • Batata Bhaji :  A simple potato preparation, semi-gravy style that goes along with poori or roti
  • Shrikhand    :  Sweetened thick yogurt preparation
  • Varan Bhat  : Plain rice and dal (lentil) combination
  • Masale Bhat : Spiced rice with ivy gourd and nuts, a regular wedding menu item
  • Capsicum Zunka : Capsicum cooked with gramflour, quick and easy recipe
  • Mattha           :  Spiced butter milk



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16 responses to “Maharashtra Puri Bhaji Thali

  1. Mine dont like pooris, my kids are great fans of these puffy beauties.. Puri with delicious bhajis looks very filling and satisfying.

  2. The thali looks beautiful…and the pooris are perfect…mine betray me at times..but most of the times they do puff up!…well we all do like them but is like twice a year!!…like the simple daal looks nice with mild temperings..

  3. Rajani, there is a joint in my city by the name of Mi Marathi which means I am marathi, and for you I will visit and capture their thalis pictures, it is so close …you have done such a fabulous job here…I am touched that you used my work as reference point, but must admit yours looks several notches better especially the colors of the rice and dal, in maharashtrian cooking, the dishes are appreciated only when the colors look just about right be it rice or dal or bread, the test is of color..which you have passed with flying colors

  4. you are not a mom if you do not make puris – lol:) .. Getting the puris perfect is actually an art and you surely have made it beautiful!!

  5. Rajani you got me drooling here ..everything looks so perfect..for all the things you say about not getting the perfect puris, those are amazing….The whole thali has got me wanting to eat them right away!

  6. What a perfect platter you have prepared here Rajani !! Seriously drool worthy ! So neatly arranged and clicked,. well done girl :)

  7. i had tried masale bhath years ago from Food for Thought blog. Those pooris are a killer. ;)
    Loving your simple thalis.

  8. Varada

    Nice choice of dishes you have put together. All of them are so well done.

  9. you’ve done full justice to the beautiful pooris.. so pretty and puffed up.. beautifully captured

  10. Spectacular spread! Love those puris.

  11. The whole thali looks fantastic Rajani…

  12. Awesome spread as usual Rajani. Puris indeed look PERFECT.

  13. looks like you have conquered your fear of deep fried foods during this marathon. Puris look absolutely perfect!!!

  14. nalini

    Awesome looking spread,everything is so well made and makes me drool…

  15. My kids love poori and I do as well…Every time I make pooris, I will remember your comment :) Lovely spread and a hearty lunch!

  16. usha

    You put together a nice thali again. Poori did puff well and glad your husband was happy. That mattha looks so refreshing with all those spices

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