Nagaland : Aloo Gobi dal and Naga Chutney


In India, there are only very few states that speak hindi alone. People from Bihar speak Bihari, Maharasthra speak Marathi, UP has urdu as well, Haryana – Punjab has Punjabi and the South too has its own languages.

Yet, with Hindi you can manage almost anywhere in India.

Like that, when it comes to food – with the all purpose recipe for dal, you can manage almost anywhere in India. Even in the North East states.

I was quite surprised when I saw this Potato, peas & cauliflower based dal as part of a Nagaland platter online. The rest of the items were totally non-veg, yet this phool-gobi and aloo dal left an impression in my mind.

So, dal is not uncommon, even in North East.


Somehow landed on a tomato chutney recipe from Nagaland. And looking at the simplicity of the recipe (it’s just roughly crushing everything with your hands and then boiling), it looked authentic.

Authentic is a heavy word to use here. What people of an area cook and eat on a day-to-day basis may not be original, authentic recipes of the state. Yet it doesn’t mean that everyday recipes are not part of that state.

The spread I have here is chosen out of the few vegetarian on-line options I had for this state. And as far as authenticity is concerned, I have no idea. I can tell you for sure that in Nagaland, this will not be a meal on its own. It would be paired with at least a couple of meat based dishes!


This is a good read about Nagaland food and another one about their market. Please keep in mind that the Nagaland food is mainly non-vegetarian and the posts have a lot of it.

The Menu:



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15 responses to “Nagaland : Aloo Gobi dal and Naga Chutney

  1. Wow Rajani, I remember going through the naga food on fb and didn’t get to see this..:(..had we known such simple ones exist, we could have avoided so much headache..anyway glad you got some good ones to make..both dal and chutney look good..

  2. you really found the best of dishes, and they end up appearing so simple…nice one i loved the 2nd pic and going to use that technique for my next d al

  3. Fantastic and can see the efforts u put for searching the dishes, deicious dal and fingerlicking chutney.

  4. Liked the analogy of Hindi to Dal, so true. The tomato chutney looks really good. I have to try this Naga tomato chutney.

  5. loved your writing about dal – very nice!! and the chutney looks stunning..

  6. Now who would have thought aloo gobhi was used in dal recipe? Your dishes though simple look good.

  7. simple and flavourful.. lovely meal

  8. Amazing..this one was a tough one and you have such a beautiful spread..simple yet interesting!

  9. Rajani, you are able to find atleast two dishes from each NE state. Great! This spread looks so nice…

  10. nalini

    Nice write up,yet another comforting platter and love the way you presented the dishes..its simple and elegant…

  11. with the veggies in that dal, you can even call it a soup – I would love that on a cold winter day

  12. usha

    Potato and cauliflower in dal is quite an interesting addition. That chutney is mouthwatering. Nicely presented mini thali.

  13. Wherever did you find this recipe? Nagaland gave me jitters almost till the end. :) Lovely picks!

  14. Like the others said where did you find these delicious recipes. They are both awesome

  15. YMMD with that anresw! TX

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