Microwave Chocolate Pudding


I had zeroed down on a garlic rice recipe and a simple potato stew, as the last two recipes under the 5 ingredients or less category. Now, what should have been a post for garlic rice, is replaced with another decadent recipe!

Why? Because I tried doing things I shouldn’t have, and messed up our camera’s memory card. I have assigned (read as : bugged and threatened) Harry to fix it for me, so can’t post the garlic rice photo nor take a new one till the issue is fixed. So, here is a recipe from the draft.

I had made this a couple of months back and it was extremely delicious. Microwave makes it even simpler to make, making it all the more dangerous!

Honestly, I don’t need more calories, but I am like an ant when it comes to sweets. There is an undeniable and inevitable pull towards anything sweet. I don’t seem to have any control over it!


Makes 4 servings


  • Sugar                         :  1/2 cup
  • Cocoa powder       :  1/3 cup
  • Corn Flour              : 3 tbsp
  • Milk                           : 2 cups
  • Vanilla Essence    : 1 tsp
  • Chocolate strands, few silver balls : for decoration


  1. Combine the sugar, cocoa and corn flour in a microwave safe bowl. Add the milk, a little at a time, and whisking so that there aren’t any lumps.
  2. Cook on high in the microwave for 3 minutes. Stir, then cook again for 2-5 minutes – keep stirring in between at one minute intervals. The pudding is done when its shiny and thick.
  3. Add the vanilla essence or extract and a tbsp of butter (optional, I didn’t add) and refrigerate once it’s cooled down. Serve cold. Decorate with chocolate strands and silver balls.
You can check out the original recipe here.
Before my brother accuses me of stealing his idea, let me tell you that the description for sweet tooth (ant attracted towards sweets) came from him.
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21 responses to “Microwave Chocolate Pudding

  1. Seriously drooling over that yummy pudding..

  2. drool worthy for chocolate lovers !!

  3. I just made stove top chocolate pudding and here you made it in less 10 minutes in the microwave.. hmmm.. should have seen ur post earlier.
    Pudding looks creamy and delicious.

  4. thats real quick..n yummy…anything choclatieee is my weakness too..loving it:)

  5. OMG, what made you hold up this recipe in draft for so long, it is so damn easy and cool. Anyone would have all the ingredients handy.

  6. Looks very tasty and yummy!!!!

  7. looks yum Harini ! Thanks to the SD card which misbehaved, we had this droooling choco recipe :-) Was wonderful running the BM with you !

    Last few days – Send in your carrot based dishes
    Ongoing Event: Fasting Foods(Vrat ka Khaana Special)

  8. Absolutely droolworthy…In MW, it gets done in a jiffy.

  9. A chocolate lovers delight ~ it looks so sinfully decadent!
    US Masala

  10. smitha

    all the chocolate dishes have me craving for chocolate! looks yum!

  11. yum yum. Simple and nice

  12. Wowwww…. mouth watering pudding.. looks absolutely delicious and perfect.. thanks for the recipe :)
    Indian Cuisine

  13. I can understand the attraction..I have done both ways and know these don’t stay more than 10 mins at my place..:)..thanks for the entry!

  14. Yummy. I love chocolate pudding and I make similar to this one. Now I am tempted for some. :)

  15. The chocolate pudding looks so perfect! I am drooling at the sight of it!

  16. Looks yummy and so simple. Great recipe!

  17. Sheeeeeet!! (I don’t wanna swear in public :P) Sooo good looking! I am definitely trying it this weekend!!

    Kavi | Edible Entertainment

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