Mango Chutney

Don’t laugh at me, but the first time I heard about mango chutney was about 4 years back. I have never heard about them, seen them or had them before that. I totally forgot about them till I made them for the Bengali Thali. That’s when I got hooked.

I love the sweet, sour taste with a hint of chilies hidden inside.

And so, two weeks back, I started making them again. With some minor changes this time. This too was tasty.


  • Raw Mango             :    1 medium, chopped fine
  • Sugar                         :     1/3 cup, or as per taste
  • Chili powder          :     1 -2 tsp, per taste
  • Water                       :      1 cup


  1. Wash, peel and chop the mango into small pieces. I got around 1 cup of chopped mangoes.
  2. In a saucepan, add these mangoes with water and cook until done. Keep an eye on it, so that it doesn’t burn and add a little more water if it dries up.
  3. Once it is cooked, add the sugar and chili powder. Cook , stirring and mashing with a ladle in between, until you get a thick consistency. I prefer it to be a bit chunky, so mine was like a chunky jam consistency.
  4. Check the taste and add more sugar or chili powder per your taste. Store in a clean jar. Refrigerate.
  5. Serve with anything, everything or eat it as such.

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12 responses to “Mango Chutney

  1. Chef Mireille

    this is the most common chutney here – the first chutney I ever taste!

  2. I love the sweet spicy version too..and it’s so common in gujju cuisine and we got hooked to it..:)..beautiful pictures

  3. Smitha

    i love this with my samosa and pakoras too….love the sweet spicy blend..yum yum!

  4. looks yummy…i know about this version….but i think the authentic bengali version slightly different…but with mangoes, who cares…all kinds are welcome..

  5. Tonguetickling chutney, wish to have rite now as spread with some bread slices.

  6. I was glued to your first picture. So good. Love mangos and you are tempting with such good mango recipes.

  7. Mango Chutney is really refreshing..specially in summers…looks grt!

  8. Yummy pickle my grand mom used to make this

  9. vidhya

    yummy chutney . Great presentaion.

  10. Love the colour and texture of the dish that has been captured so well in the first pic.

  11. love the sweet-spicy chutney!

  12. Yummilicious!! I can gulp that whole spoonful in a flash! :)

    Ongoing Event: Cooking Made Easy With Mango

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