Delhi: Paratha and Bedmi Poori Thali


For the fourth day of the month-long marathon, we are visiting the capital city.

Delhi is a historical city and we have planned to visit the place multiple times. Once we planned a trip to Rajasthan via Delhi. But because of heavy rains, the train was delayed by more than 24 hours. So we cut short the Delhi part and went directly to see the Taj. The rest of the trip was fine, but Delhi has been elusive since.

Now that I know about their street food, I am definitely planning a trip sometime soon!


Apparently the street food totally rocks in Delhi. Read more about it here. There is a ‘parathe wali gali’ itself. And there are innumerable varieties of chaats and other food.

Boy! That’s the place I should have been born!!

I tried making the paratha thali here, but without that plate where they serve the parathas, it just looks spread out and incomplete. My original menu was onion paratha, aloo curry, tamarind chutney, mint chutney and chole.

Then when I was digging Vaishali’s blog (she is from Delhi), I saw a refreshing kulle ka chaat recipe and also one for bedmi poori. These two were new to me,  so I cut out the chhole and added the chaat and bedmi poori to the menu. The aloo curry is also from her space, it turned out absolutely fantastic. Scroll down for the recipe links.


The kulle ka chaat was so easy to put together and tasted so fantastic. Like Vaishali, I too served it chilled. It has very basic ingredients, all you need to do is cook your chana and chill it. Serve them later in chilled vegetable or fruit ‘baskets’ (carved out veggies like potato, sweet potato, tomatoes or fruits like bananas, orange or apple) topped with pomegranate seeds, lemon juice, chaat masala and coriander leaves. It’s best served chill.

When you add that bit of lemon juice and a pinch of chaat masala, this simple combination waves a great culinary magic.


Bedmi poori has urad dal paste in it and the dal can be prepared as a stuffing or the paste can be mixed with the dough and made as pooris. I followed Vaishali’s recipe and made it as a filling.

The filling really resembled our South Indian Vada to some extend, which is also made with urad dal.


The menu:

  • Bedmi Poori : Deep fried pooris with urad dal filling. Served with aloo curry
  • Aloo Subzi : A potato based curry that pairs well with bedmi poori and the paratha
  • Onion Paratha : Parathas with onion filling
  • Pudina Chutney : Grind a cup of mint leaves with an onion, 2 pods of garlic, 2 green chillies, 1/2 tsp coriander powder, 1/2 tsp cumin powder, 1/2 tsp garam masala and salt. Add a bit of lemon juice for retaining the green colour.
  • Tamarind chutney : Sweet, sour and spicy tamarind chutney enhanced with dry fruits and nuts.
  • Kulle Ka Chaat : A chaat with cooked chickpea, pomegranate pearls and a fruit/vegetable basket.



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19 responses to “Delhi: Paratha and Bedmi Poori Thali

  1. I love your thali Rajani, my kind of one!..too good..

  2. Yes Rajani..even if you were born in Delhi you could have hot married and gone elsewhere …like me…ha ha…I always make the most of my trips where relishing this food is concerned.
    I am loving the platter you have created…very well done..rather perfectly done with stunning clicks which tempt me to grab some food even at this early hour on a Sunday .

  3. Lovely thali, Rajani. Love the bedmi puri the best oh and the kulle ki chaat as well

  4. Love everything on that thali but I can’t take my eyes off kulle ki chaat. I considered Bedmi poori but decided to do another dish

  5. Love that scrumptious thali …I am from Delhi too but wouldn’t dare to make a thali ! Nice clicks…..

  6. That tomato basket chaat is dam cute and irresistible.. Wonderful thali Rajani..

  7. Chaat is always a hit. Lovely thali and nice pictures.

  8. Nice combo meal.. the stuffed pooris look inviting

  9. kulle ki chaat is awesome, loved it totally. Bedmi poori, though heard a lot about it, haven’t tried it so far. May be for a weekend!!! As usual stunning thali!!! :)

  10. Nalini

    Awesome looking platter,aloo subzi looks inviting and the tomato basket fruit chaat is quiet innovative and intersting….

  11. tomato is the eye catcher!!! cannot take my eyes off them….

  12. Delicious looking Thali Rajani. I need to visit your place soon to try all the varieties you are cooking for this BM…

  13. Wow Rajani what a thali. I am at a loss where to begin looking the picas are awesome too but I think my favourite one will be mmmm.. all of them.

  14. Lovely spread Rajani! Each and every dish is special and I especially love the kulle ka chaat :)

  15. I also made vaishali’s bedmi poori several months ago for BM theme – they are very good and I love the idea of your scooped out fruit/veggie with pomegranate and spices

  16. Lovely platter there. I too was aiming for bedmi poori but somehow 3 other poories came into picture and so have to leave it out.
    Have to check that chaat.

  17. That is a very very very tempting plate of food Rajani. All the dishes look like they belong together — well done,

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  19. Tempting thali.. I’m so hungry now..

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